YOUR Spring garden

colourful spring garden

While in "lockdown" or restricted movement and activity in homes, you have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of some time in your garden - to plan, prepare, prune, plant and pick in your spring garden!  

The spring season is emerging and so will your spring garden that will respond to some care before the summer months. Spring is a great time to be planting. In our cooler climate, you have some time to get those favourites into your spring garden.  Veggie seeds and seedlings can be started especially tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, rocket, spring onions and many of the herbs.  Prepare your soil to give them the best start.

Planting fruit trees will give you fresh fruit while planting shade trees will ensure your spring garden (in a few years) emerges with colourful buds and foliage for the summer months as well as in autumn.

Pruning existing deciduous trees can still be done over the next month before they are in full leaf.  Take some time to look at your tree(s) and think about the overall growth pattern and shape you wish to achieve.  

We are grateful to have been able to keep the nursery open during the lockdowns, and can arrange contactless delivery for those who'd prefer to stay home!   Don’t forget though ……. Plan for and plant YOUR spring garden now!