Hooked on Roses?

Roses in Millthorpe

Do you love roses? Why?

Most gardeners will have tried a rose or two in their garden with or without success.  More likely - success! They are relatively easy to grow.

Roses come in a variety of styles, petal colours, form and with a fragrance.  Collectors become obsessed with them and search out unique roses such as heritage roses or David Austins to add to their rose collection.  Their collections may include standards, bush roses, carpet roses, climbing roses and weeping roses.  All of these are stocked at Millthorpe Garden Nursery.

Roses give you beautiful blooms, are long living and only need maintenance with a major prune in late winter and a tip prune or two throughout the growing season.  Yes, they are just sticks in winter but bring a sense of anticipation and wonder once the buds and blooms appear. You can then pick for yourself or create a posy as a floral gift.

Once you start growing roses, take care of them and learn from other enthusiasts, enjoy their scent and blooms, you'll be hooked!

We have a selection of roses for you in our online shop and there are many more at our nursery at 73 Eves Lane, Millthorpe.  Orders are taken from January for your favourites.