Spring and Summer Garden Planning

spring in the garden

Spring is here! As  the soil warms a little and the predicted rains keep coming your garden will start to show signs of growth and be ready for planting.  Are you ready for that? 

Some planning is a good step to seeing how your spring and summer garden can take on a new look after the cold winter we have had.

First step in planning your spring and summer garden:

1. Sketch your area for planting your spring garden and copy it a few times.

2. Go out and walk around the garden at different times of the day and see the different views and angles. What needs improving and are there dead spots?

3. Think about where the sun hits the spaces you want to work on.

4. Check the health of your soil. Ph kits help here as well as feeling if it crumbles or balls (clay soil) in your hand when rolled. Does it have good drainage?

See - you already have some plans and then can consider the plants. More on that next time....