What to plant - a perennial or an annual?

a perennial plant will  last 3 to 5 years

What is a perennial plant?  It is a plant that lives for many years as opposed to annual plants that provide colour for a season and then die.  

Buying perennial plants makes sense to avid gardeners.  By providing a "backbone" to a garden and, if well placed, they:

- define areas
- act as a focus
- show up the annuals you do plant
- are easy to maintain
- provide a continuity in your garden
- add beauty with their form and foliage as well as flowers

A perennial may last for at least 5 years and some a lot more depending upon the variety, their care and watering regime.  Some will need to be pruned and divided, thinned out or even moved if necessary. They may self seed giving you more plants. Most cold climate perennials flower in spring and summer while some wait until autumn.

One of the latest garden design trends is to plant a perennial border or massed planting in beds. These may use a variety of plants that have the same water and soil requirements or they may use repeated planting of just a few different perennials.  Often borders will include plants with interesting foliage, colour and shape as well as some grasses to give movement. 

If you are considering types of perennial plants for a cold climate, we can help.  The Nurseryman is well stocked at present to give you a wide choice of perennials. His top 5 favourite perennials are: lavendars, salvias, sedums, penstimons and argyranthemums.  These perform well in our region, are hardy and repeat flowering. There are hundreds of others to choose from.

Take a drive to our nursery to choose your perennials.