Yes we deliver!

Millthorpe garden nursery, Millthorpe garden centre

Located centrally between Orange and Bathurst, we deliver to gardeners, businesses, councils and schools regularly.  Freight for large orders for farm trees and the like can be arranged. Most weeks we have a customer who comes to us to buy a plant or just wants to wander in an old fashioned, boots and all nursery and ends up letting loose and buying 3 large trees...... yes, we deliver!

"Your prices are so reasonable.." we are often told.  Millthorpe Garden Nursery is able to pass on savings to you as our overheads are low..... yes, we deliver on price too!

What plant is that?  What should I plant on the south side? How high will it grow? How many do I need for a hedge? These are all questions we can answer. With 11 years in business, a good gardening background,  as well as some agricultural and educational knowledge and things we have learned from our loyal customers who are avid gardeners thrown in the mix, we are able to help you with your garden....  yes, we deliver on garden know how too!

If you are a new gardener or an experienced one we think you will get a good deal from us.

Use this new website to contact us with your inquiry or you can see a sample of items we sell and you can purchase on line.  Large orders can be placed via the contact page and we will provide a quote.

We only deliver locally Millthorpe, Blayney, Orange and Bathurst - at no charge if your order is over $100.00 or $10.00 flat rate.  

Choose LOCAL DELIVERY at the checkout and pay online OR you can pay online and pick up in business hours - Wednesday to Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm.

See you soon!