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Focus on Winter

WINTER is here and the days are getting shorter. Growth in plants, trees, flowers and shrubs has slowed as the prospects of frosts and snow are possible. This shouldn’t deter you from planting some varieties of plants that will tolerate the cold climate conditions. Remember to always ask the Nurseryman and read the labels .
Some examples are:
- Camelias
- Pieris
- Australian native shrubs and trees
- Pines
- Buxus
- Eleagnus
- Photinia
- Heuchera

Once our bare root trees and roses are in stock, they too can be planted out – usually around the end of July or August.

Tips and Traps


The Nurseryman welcomes tips and traps from customers. Please give them to him by emailing us and we will list them here.

  • Don’t over water in winter – especially your house plants.
  • As winter approaches its good to take stock of your individual plants and plan their nurturing through the cold months. Do they need a cut back? Do they need a feed? Do they need a blanket? Do pots need moving to avoid frost damage?
  • When growing roses, you need to provide at least 6 hours of sunlight and ensure they are well fed. Pruning from mid July to late August (especially in very cold climates) is advised.
  • Planting citrus trees to provide lemons, oranges and mandarins is something that every gardener wants to do or has done! These trees need care and attention in the home garden and need a well protected, north easterly (if possible) location. They can be grown in pots or in the ground in well drained soil.
  • Mulch in autumn after weeding at the end of summer. It will protect your new plants now and throughout the colder months.
  • Look around your surrounding suburbs and towns when planning a new garden. Identify what grows well and bring your list to the Nurseryman to provide advice and source those plants.
  • Don’t over feed your compost worms in winter – they aren’t hungry!
  • Plant a variety of lettuce every 4 – 6 weeks and only pick the leaves for a textured and colourful lettuce salad. There are so many varieties now, that even in winter, you can have your own supply rather than buying a mix in bags from the supermarket.
  • Do you have slippery garden paths? Mix equal parts (say 1 cup) of methylated spirits and white vinegar to a bucket of soapy water in a spray bottle. Spray on small areas and scrub with a brush. Leave for a few minutes and rinse off with clean water.

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