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Seasonal Tips

Millthorpe Garden Nursery Tips

Winter is wonderful!


Frosty patterns on windowpanes,
Fireplace crackling, warming our veins.
Hot cocoa steaming, marshmallows afloat,
Winter's embrace wraps us in its coat. 


Don’t think that because its cold and sometimes gloomy that you can’t garden in winter.

Many gardeners revel in the fact that dormancy and naked trees provide space and inspiration for planning spring gardens.  It also allows for a review of how plants thrived or not over the summer. Rethinking how your garden might look, and listing the jobs to do so, will give you a good head start to your spring planting.

 Winter gardening tips……

  • Take a wander with a hot drink and note the jobs you see that need doing
  • Note the plants that are thriving and plan to use them elsewhere in the garden
  • Remove any dead plants and think about replacements
  • Rake leaves and add to compost as well as using as mulch. Use the mower to break them up and create mulch on your lawn.
  • Plant seedlings of winter vegetables. Protect from frost if necessary
  • Clean and sharpen all gardening tools
  • Prepare pots, old and new, for planting out in late winter or early spring for a feature
  • Move frost intolerant plants in pots to a protected area
  • Feed spring flowering bulbs with liquid feed every two weeks
  • Spread compost
  • ORDER YOUR BARE ROOT ORNAMENTAL AND FRUIT TREES from Millthorpe Garden Nursery via our contact page.


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