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Seasonal Tips

Millthorpe Garden Nursery Tips

Spring has sprung!

…… well, a little earlier than usual!

 As you know and feel, spring weather has a huge impact on how we feel and what we see in the garden.  New energy gets us going in spring and we want to improve our gardens, plan for the next few months and feel excited for it all to happen. 

This year we are hearing that the experts are predicting a dry summer, so now is the time to get prepared for that by working in your garden through spring.

Spring Garden Tips….

  • Check your soil is ready for a dryer spring and summer. Improve it with compost and ensure it is suitable for the new plants you are going to add. Checking PH is important too.
  • Have a ready supply of mulch. You may have a pile of autumn leaves, hay bales or sugar cane mulch (which you can buy at Millthorpe Garden Nursery) to cover your soil and protect your plants from drying out.
  • Watering regimes are important to ensure plants remain healthy and soil does not dry out.
  • Plant seeds for spring and summer flowering annuals and perennials, vegetables and herbs as well as trees especially those purchased now as bare root stock eg fruit and ornamental trees. 
  • Leave planting of seedlings for late spring and summer until there is little risk of frosts.

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