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Millthorpe Garden Nursery About Us

Millthorpe Garden Nursery is located on 15 acres on the outskirts of Millthorpe, NSW, and is nestled in amongst a large house garden sprawling across approximately one acre.

Millthorpe Garden Nursery is able to supply large orders at negotiated prices for new gardens, perimeter property planting, wind breaks or orchards and landscaping projects. 

We stock an extensive range of plants suited to high altitudes and changing seasons, both for small and large gardens. Garden stock is acclimatised in an open nursery. Customers have often commented on our “old fashioned approach to the layout” and they love it. 

Millthorpe Garden Nursery About Us

Millthorpe Garden Nursery was founded in 1994 by the Jeffree family who planted the first trees (Deodar cedars, blue cedar and spruce) and then subsequently built the house and established Millthorpe Garden Nursery on the site. A wide range of maple trees are featured in the garden, some of which are quite rare and include some sourced from the original Sorensen family nursery in Leura. Scarlet oak trees provide structure and shade and these were grown from seedlings sourced from the beautiful garden surrounding Hoskins Uniting Church in Lithgow. An avenue of tortured willows lead into the garden and other features include a birch grove, a mass planting of Mollis azalea and our own Wollemi pine. Please feel free to ask us to have a wonder around our wonderful garden.

A special feature of our nursery is the surrounding garden where our pride and joy, the Wollemi pine can be found. This Wollemi pine was grown from one of the first cuttings taken after the discovery of the rare Australian native pine in the Blue Mountains in 1994. 

Millthorpe Garden Nursery has been one of 10 gardens on show, three times over the last 16 years, in the Millthorpe Garden Ramble.  These weekends have allowed keen gardeners to view plants in our garden that do well in cold climates and those that we stock in the nursery.

Why not take a leisurely drive out to Millthorpe and see our well priced, healthy and extensive range of beautiful garden plants as well as interesting gift ware and pots. It’s only 20 minutes from Orange, 30 minutes from Bathurst and 4 minutes from Millthorpe village.  Please feel free to ask us to have a wander around our garden.

Millthorpe Garden Nursery About Us

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